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About us
About us
We are the Bright Side, creative production agency. Bright Side. We love what we do, perfectly able to make advertising, and especially videos, from the moment of "oh, I’d like ..." to "wow, that’s cool!"
We focus not on Cannes, but on the implementation of KPIs, so we dive deep into the strategic goals of the client and do analytics already at the tender stage.
We combine creativity and production, which means that all processes have been rebuilt in the way there won’t be shifting of responsibility, and exactly for you that means saving resources.
Take responsibility and become a human
When you're huge like "Rock"
With Baloo's kindness
Everyone around is friendly
Smiling lovely
Yuri Volkov
Humor is an indicator of intelligence, erudition and stress resistance. Quite a useful thing.
Vasya drinks Americano
Yura — all that kind of shit
This is how the things are going
And there's nothing to be changed
Vasily Yuzenchuk
A really good creativity is when other creative manager says, "Why wouldn’t has that come into my mind?"
Don't ruin the creativity
It’s not easy to achieve
Especially, while bothering
Instead of spicing up
Camilla Lysenko
Creative director
Silence is golden
I've told you all
And now I’m silent
I’d rather knock in Morse
Or 3D malen
Daria Kuptsova
Art director
Coworkers become a team when they’re united not only by a common task, but also by the common interest.
Luba gets upset tonight
Matching debit/credit right
Doesn’t work.
A sip of wine
Works out fine
Lubov Osipenko
Financial director
Office space is a place, where ideas turn into pieces of the history.
Varvara needs an extra hand
Or extra foot, or extra head
And that’s because deadlines are coming
Alarming everyone around
Varvara Zelenina
Line producer
Life is a fight, and SMM is like a free-style fight / struggle.
For those who think they’re Bruce Almighty
Or kind of know-it-all Hermione
Unfortunately, there’s news for you
Quite disappointing news
Artem Trushin
Technical director
If you want to win, then positive attitude is well necessary as the air
The Discipline controls us all
Despite protests and grudge for sure
For those who won’t believe in blessing
Of Discipline
Well, be ready
Anastasia Slastina
Project manager
Души продажные мотивы
Душить невыгодно совсем
А то они накреативят
Наталья Цибизова
Директор по продажам
Александр толерантен
Гендер всякий признаёт
Вне проекта, а в проекте
Он для каждого садист
Александр Федик
Look how tasty it is
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