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Wild Edens
Strategy and implementation
Strategy for the Wild Edens project’s international space presence with the scope of 45 countries
National Geographic & Rosatom
Bright Side
Bright Side
We proficiently highlighted the issues of ecology, green energy and climate problems.
The Turn-key project. Creation of brand, launch of a unique website. Creation of the complete presence strategy - positioning the "past-present-future of the planet." Implementation of the strategy: pro content in two languages, maintaining brand platforms in various social networks (facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter), working with comments, promoting platforms. Creation of photo and video content in different formats and complexity. Analysis, adaptation, and analysis again. Moreover, we even created custom stickers with the characters of the advertising campaign!
Interesting facts
During character development, a separate focus test was conducted for each animal. The focus group unexpectedly revealed that the first version of the leopard was gay. We have developed an effective model for working out the negative of the audience on the complex topic of nuclear energy. The New York Times Journalists worked on the posts, among other experts.
of scope
of the new followers
million scope
in over two periods
We formed and supported a positive public opinion about nuclear energy as one of the "green" sources of electricity generation and a key component in the fight against global warming. Documentary film “Wild Edens. Russia”, prepared by Rosatom and shown by National Geographic, received a silver award in the Climate Change Fighting and Adaptation category at the 8th Deauville Green Awards.
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